Why use a Broker to Purchase Insurance ?

Because we speak your language

Typically, a cheap insurance policy is not always the best option and may not cover all your requirements.

We are expected to go all over the main points of any insurance policy that you plan to obtain and help you understand the minute details, even if it seems too tedious. Any special requirements, also known as ‘Warranties’ should be highlighted and any exclusions should be made to understand by the broker. Since the insurance industry is a very competitive environment, it often happens that the words used in policy terms may have some exclusions and may not have the best of the understanding. It is better to confirm that all your needs are worded properly sooner than later.

Since we have the expertise to decode all the terms in a policy and explain, it is best to take help than go for any cheap policy available. Another common behavior during the search for the ‘best’ insurance policy is the purchase of an insurance policy online with the help of insurance comparison websites. These website do more harm than good as they do not compare like with like and often leave out certain features. Exclusion details of an insurance policy can make the policy useless and as stated before the cheapest policy may not be the best policy.

There are 3 significant reasons as to why you should choose a broker?

  • Familiarity & Attention: If you are not expert in insurance, it is recommended that to have an insurance broker who will discuss the needs and priorities to develop a tailor made package. A Broker can serve as single point of contact who will be able to develop a professional relationship and will be able to understand you, your business requirements and family situation properly.
  • Access to wide range of Insurance policy options: Insurance brokers are in a stronger position to match your needs with the most suitable coverage areas for long term benefit and full protection. An experienced broker will be able to design a customized package of insurance products for your business or family requirements, make necessary negotiations with insurance providers and highlight all the appropriate terms for you.
  • Claiming an insurance: More often than not, making claims is the most crucial part as claims would happen at the most unfavorable situations. By liaising the claims properly, it would relieve some pressure off your shoulders by handling the claims promptly.